Window Cleaning Robots, Magnetic Window Cleaning Robots, Window Robotic Cleaning Machines, Vacuum Cleaning Mops for Tiling Glass/Tile Walls/Windows,White

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Color: White


  • Super suction 5600pa, vertical load 25.2kg, horizontal load 13kg, scratchable 1.0mm
  • Delicate fiber does not hurt the glass without leaving any traces, the bottom of the whole clean cloth design, effective cleaning of dust particles, decontamination, oil removal, etc.
  • strong adsorption and absorption, positive and negative use more than 160 times
  • It is very easy to use the remote control to wipe windows and make the window wiper easy.
  • Large windows and small windows are always suitable, large to double floor to ceiling windows, small 35*35cm windows can be wiped

Publisher: LIRONG

Details: Size: 295*148*120(mm)
Weight: 930(g)
Applicable glass size:=
Wipe speed: 4 (mins/square meter)
Clean mode: 3 kinds
Clean Torque: 25(kg-cm)
Voltage: 100-240v/50-60HZ
Energy consumption: 80W
Noise: 67 (db@1m)

EAN: 9859820967281