Robotic Vacuum Cleaners,Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Smart Mop and Water Tank,Automatic Charging and Drop Sensing Technology,for Hard Floors and Thin Carpets,Black

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Color: Black


  • Water tank intelligent mopping, arched sweeping, voice prompts, anti-fall, anti-collision, vacuum suction mouth automatic recharging, remote control a key timed appointment, etc.
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping
  • BV-01S advanced battery protection technology, equipped with energy-saving noise reduction system, improve performance, without sacrificing power.
  • The 1700PA eliminates invisible fine dust, and the large suction force matches the precise HEPA. It can deeply capture invisible dust (cuticles, dander, locusts, etc.) that are invisible to the naked eye, allowing the invisible enemy to disappear.
  • The BV-01S's powerful partition planning path module and precision gyroscope ranging support the robot's core artificial intelligence function, collect and process sensor information, and build and plan through the positioning computer to make sweeping more intelligent.

Publisher: LIRONG

Details: Operation mode : Mechanical remote control dual use
Power Mode : AC
Timing function: more than 8 hours
Rated power: 25W
Switch type :Key type
Cleaning route : Planning
Sweeper function: drag sweeper
Sweeper style: Intelligent robot
Use of environment: home
Applicable area: more than 150 square meters
Model: BV-01S
Capacity :400ML
Appearance: Sweeping robot
Whether with remote control :Yes
LCD display: Yes
Is there a scheduled appointment function: Yes
With or without virtual wall: None
Collision Protection : Mechanical + Electronic Double Protection
Automatic charging: Yes
Colour: Black
Product Specifications :31x31x7.8cm
Net weight: 2.5KG
Noise: less than 45db
Battery specification: 2000mAh
Running time: 60-150min
Charging time: about 3 hours
Remote control type: infrared remote control

EAN: 9859820967076