MegaHome Water Distiller

Megahome Countertop Water Distiller in White on White with (BPA Free) Plastic Carafe and Complete Starter kit

Brand: MegaHome Water Distiller

Color: White


  • Make 100% pure, safe, quality drinking water, guaranteed

    Produces 16 litres or 4 gallons per day

    Easy to operate and easy to clean

  • Plastic glass collection Bottle (#5 BPA-free polypropylene)

    No installation required

    Mobile, durable, in a space-saving countertop design

  • Built-in automatic thermostatic temperature control sensor that switches off the distiller when the process is finished.

    All Stainless steel inner chamber

  • Activated carbon pouches guarantee fresh tasting, odourless drinking water

    1 Year Warranty

  • Here at The Water Guy we have sold Megahome's distillers for many years and can a test to their quality and durability.

Details: What's in the box;

Water Distiller

System Power cord

Plastic collection carafe (#5 BPA-free polypropylene)

Instruction Booklet

1 Year Warranty

Scale/Residue cleaner (250g jar)

One box with six sashes/pouches of activated carbon.

Carbon sachet nozzle


Size: 20cm Diameter, 36cm Height, 40cm Width (includes plastic collection bottle)

Power Consumption: 580W (Total) Heater 565W & Cooling Fan 15W

Power source: AC 110/120V 60Hz Standard North American Plug Type

Weight: 5.0kg

Capacity: 4 liters per cycle maximum output 16 litres or 4 US gallons of distilled water per day.

Stainless Steel Boiling Chamber

Part # MH943TWS

Made in Taiwan

Megahome has produced 98% of worlds small distillers for over 20 years

These distillers are for producing distilled water. If you are wanting to work with alcohol please see our other listings in this section of our website.