CCP [LAQULITO] automatic robot vacuum cleaner standard model dark blue CZ-905-DB

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Brand: CCP

Color: Silver


  • automatic robot vacuum cleaner

Warranty: 1 Year

Details: Commodity Description Easy clean, because standard model ◆ 3 function cleaning robot system, fully automatic. I will clean every corner precisely. 1 Write: dual rotary brush will write well to the garbage that accumulates on the corner of the room. Suck 2: vacuum system, the suction effectively dust written. Wipe off 3: If you install a mop sheet dedicated Rakurito, fine dirt catch. ※ If you want to sweep the floor carpet, mat, mop sheet can not be used. ◆ combination freely (spiral, random, Tsutai wall, zigzag) the four movements, clean la mode cleat body of four cleaning every corner a room. ◆ 280mm diameter to overcome a step in the thin body, a compact size of 70mm in height, I will get to clean hard-to-reach areas such as under the sofa or bed. So get over the step up to 7.5mm, and corresponds to the smooth as well as border and carpet flooring. ※ In the case of sheet mop holder use, I can not get past the step of 7.5mm. ◆ remaining auto charge system (automatic charging) battery is low, and return to the charging station automatically, you can start charging. ◆ timer function deployment to start cleaning at the time decided daily 24H memory timer. /

EAN: 4906064262704