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240356402 Clear Refrigerator Door Bin Side Shelf for Electrolux and Frigidaire, Upper Slot Replacement Shelf, Gallon Size - Replaces AP2549958, 240430312, 240356416, 240356407, and more

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  • ✅ FOR ELECTROLUX FRIDGE MODELS: It's a direct fit for several Electrolux manufactured refrigerator brands and models. These include Frigidaire, Kenmore Elite, Crosley, Gibson, Westinghouse, and Kelvinator.
  • ✅ PART NUMBER 240356402: This clear refrigerator upper door bin replaces part numbers AP2549958, 240430305, 240356410, 240356407, 240356408, 240356411, 240356413, 240356414, 240356415, 891214, AH430122, EA430122, and PS430122.
  • ✅ UPPER SLOT REPLACEMENT SHELF: 15-1/2'' Wide. This 240356402 gallon bin only fits in the two upper slots on the refrigerator-side door. It will not fit in the bottom slots or on the freezer-side door.
  • ✅ HIGH QUALITY DESIGN: This bin meets all original manufacturer specifications. It's durably made from clear plastic and is perfect for holding sauces, beverages, and more. Hand wash for best results.
  • All Parts from Discount Parts come with 1 Year Warranty. Buy with confidence!

Details: Works on these models number: BGHS2634KE0 BGHS2634KE1 BGHS2634KE2 Frigidaire BGHS2644KF0 Frigidaire BGHS2644KF1 Frigidaire BGHS2644KF2 BGHS2634KP0 BGHS2634KP1 BGHS2634KP2 CRSE264FB0 Frigidaire CRSE264FB1 Frigidaire CRSE264FB3 Frigidaire CRSE264FQ0 Frigidaire CRSE264FQ1 Frigidaire CRSE264FQ3 Frigidaire CRSE264FSS0 Frigidaire CRSE264FSS1 CRSE264FSS3 CRSE264FW0 CRSE264FW1 CRSE264F DGHS2634KB2 DGHS2634KE1 DGHS2634KE2 DGHS2634KP1 DGHS2634KP2 DGHS2634KW0 DGHS2634KW2 DGHS2644KF1 DGHS2644KF2 FRS6LC8FS1 FRS6LC8FS3 FRS6LC8FS4 FRS6LC8FS5 Frigidaire FRS6LC8FS6 Frigidaire FRS26BH6CS1 FRS26BH6CS2 FRS26BH6CS3 FRS26BH6CS4 FRS26BH6CS5 FRS26HF7BB0 FRS26HF7BB1 FRS26HF7BQ FGHS2644KM3 FGUS2642LF0 FGUS2642LF1 FGUS2642LF2 FFHS2624LE0 FFHS2624LM0 FFHS2624LP0 FFHS2624LS0 FGHS2644KF0 Frigidaire FGHS2644KF1 FRS26HF7BQ2 FRS26HF7BQ3 FRS26HF7BQ4 FRS26HF7BW2 FRS6LC8FS0 FRSHT5EFB2 FRSHT5EFSB2 FRSHT5EFW2 FRS26HF7BW3 FRS26HF7BW4 FGHS2634KB1 FGHS2634 FRSHT5EFSB2 FRSHT5EFW2 FRS26HF7BW3 FRS26HF7BW4 FGHS2634KB1 Frigidaire FGHS2634KB2 Frigidaire FGHS2634KE1 Frigidaire FGHS2634KE2 Frigidaire FGHS2644KF2 Frigidaire FGHS2644KM1 Frigidaire FGHS2644KM2 Frigidaire FRS6HF55KS0 Frigidaire FRS6HF55KS1 Frigidaire FRS6LF7GS0 Frigidaire FRS6LF7GS1 Frigidaire FRS6LF7GS2 Frigidaire FRS6LF7GS3 Frigidaire FRS6LF7GS4 FRS6LF7GS5 FRS6LF7JS0 FRS6LF7JS2 FRS6LF7JS3
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