Trademark Supllies

20X40 Silver Heavy Duty 8 Mil Tarp Tarpaulin Canopy Tent, Boat. RV or Pool Cover

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Brand: Trademark Supllies

Color: Heavy Duty


  • Tarp is made from extra strength weave and has a heavy duty double laminated coating.
  • 12 X 14 weave and 8 mil thickness. It is sun and fade resistant and rot & rust proof.
  • It has a rope reinforced hem and heat sealed seams and grommets every 3 feet.
  • It is available in assorted thicknesses and colors: Blue, Green and Silver.
  • Product measures according to finish size and not cut size which is labeled on the package.

Details: The Most Durable & Highly Protective Tarp Is Finally Available On Amazon: Let me ask you a few short questions: Do you want a heavy duty tarpaulin sheet that will satisfy all your covering needs? Tired of tarps that break apart only after some weeks of use? Are you looking for a way to effectively protect your belongings from rain during winter months? If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, then this tarp is a must buy for you! How It Can Help You: It can be used as a pool cover during winter months to prevent water, mud and dirt from filling your pool. It's a perfect solution for camping during rainy days. Use to keep you and your family dry. If the ground is wet and muddy, you can also use it as a ground sheet and pitch your tent on the top of it. Due to its water resistant properties, it offers incredible protection from water in any occasion. Use it as a cover for your boat, car or home motor. Why This Tarp Sheet Is The Best Option For You: Trademark's tarp has been designed to be durable and offer all around protection from water. It's made to be stronger and last longer than any other cover sheet you have ever used. It's a perfect option if you are looking for a tarp that will give you years of excellent use. It also comes in many different colors and sizes - there is no way you won't find one to fit your needs perfectly! What Are You Waiting For? Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now!