10L Car Refrigerator Car Dual-use Small Mini Refrigerator Home Refrigerator Insulin Car Heating and Cooling Box

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Brand: ZUEN


  • Small refrigerators are suitable for refrigerated drinks, fruits, milk, food, beer, wine, cosmetics, medicines, etc., while also making warm warm drinks and food.
  • Cold and warm dual-use, hot and cold one-key switch, summer cooling and winter heat insulation, is a good helper for the modern family.
  • Please note that ice can not be made fast, can not be frozen. Can not put ice cream and frozen food. Place the cans, glassy food and beverage cooling effect is excellent.
  • The small refrigerator is the same as the big refrigerator in the house. After the things are put in, it takes 3-5 hours.
  • Dual use of home and car (with household 220V and 12V cigarette lighter socket for car use, plug in the ordinary socket when using it at home, without any conversion). Direct plug-in cooling, not charging or cooling by ice pack.

Details: Type: semiconductor car refrigerator
Applicable models: General
Weight: 3 (Kg)
Material: plastic + metal
Volume: 6-10L (L)
Power supply voltage: 12 (V)
Power: 37 (W)
Minimum cooling temperature: 10 (°C)
Color: red

EAN: 1109541338852